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sustainable future

Image Courtesy of NASA
"From space, we can see and study the Earth as an organism whose health depends on the health of all its parts. We have the power to reconcile human affairs with natural laws and to thrive in the process." Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development

The Earth: our fragile home, perhaps unique in an infinite universe, a habitat of limited resources and a finite capacity to support life.

Ever increasing demands on resources, caused by human overpopulation, the impact of contemporary western lifestyles, expanding industrialisation, the huge disparity between rich and poor and other issues is bringing widespread degradation and destruction of the natural environment on which all life ultimately depends. Clearly this trend holds dire consequences for the human race and other species.

Towards Sustainability aims to provide quality articles, and leads to other sources of information, about the problems facing the planet and the solutions offered by sustainable development i.e. development at a level which can be maintained, within the limits imposed by the carrying capacity of the planet, indefinitely.

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